Norbec meets industrial sector requirements

There are a multitude of standards in the industrial sector. Materials used in this type of construction, including panels, doors, and fittings, must all meet these requirements. The products we use to manufacture panels, for example, are suitable for this type of construction and meet required standards, such as those of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

We offer solutions including panels, doors, modules, and accessories. Our products are suitable for environments such as food factories, processing plants, warehouses and professional kitchens.

Solutions designed to maximize space!

Industrial building design requires careful planning to maximize storage space, control energy costs and optimize labor efficiency.

Our production equipment allows us to manufacture large panels, that are either continuous or use interlocking friction cams. These insulating panels and the supplied accessories are designed to ensure an efficient and fast assembly while maximizing space.

Need expertise and advice?

Norbec plays a partner role for your projects by offering you expertise and advice on specific products adapted to industrial buildings.

  • Interlocking friction cam or continuous panels.
  • High-end materials to ensure increased performance.
  • Construction according to client’s dimensions.
  • Finishes that resist frequent washing.
  • High corrosion resistance with PVC or stainless steel finish.

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  • Food processing plant
  • Processing plant
  • Warehouse
  • Commercial kitchens