Norbec meets the most demanding requirements of sterile environments such as laboratories!

Our modular panel systems, doors and accessories are particularly well-adapted to the healthcare industry, technology industry, hospitals, laboratories and morgues, thanks to their watertightness, quality finish, insulative value, and inorganic composition.

Meets all requirements: standards, cleanliness, watertightness and temperatures

These panels offer great flexibility and are suitable for many different applications: laboratories, the pharmaceutical industry, aging rooms, clean rooms and grow rooms.

High-quality laboratory finish

The finish for these types of applications offers superior resistance to scratches and corrosion. It can be washed with water under pressure and offers greater resistance to cleaning products.


  • Modular insulating panels for considerable flexibility
  • Choice of glazed, pivoting or sliding doors
  • Built-in lights
  • Finishing accessories (PVC or lacquered aluminum corner fillets, baseboards, protective beams)

Are you in the laboratory sector or utilize a sterile environment and have a project?

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  • Health industry
  • Technology industry
  • Hospital center
  • Morgue