Intelliref refrigeration control system

The Intelliref Evaporator. This refrigeration control system is fully assembled by our factory team.


  • An integrated electronic module controls temperature and defrost cycles
  • The temperature sensor is installed near the evaporator’s return air
  • For electric defrost systems, the heating elements are connected to a magnetic contactor as well as to the control module.
  • The expansion valve and the solenoid valve mounted on the liquid line are assembled in the factory inside the evaporator housing to provide greater uniformity and speed of execution on site
  • A siphon on the suction line, allows an adequate oil return and is installed at the factory on the evaporator
  • The condensing unit comprises a receiver, a suction accumulator, a high / low-pressure control, a filter-dehydration system and a refrigerant and humidity indicator. The connection of the power supply in one point will be done by others to the site.



  • Saving on-site installation costs, there are only two refrigeration lines to be connected to the condensing unit and the evaporator, charging refrigerant and starting the system
  • Save on electrical installation costs, the Intelligent assembly eliminates any need for inter-wiring between components, everything is pre-wired at the factory. The electrician must simply supply the condensing unit and the evaporator.
  • Factory mounting allows a consistent assembly where all components are concealed in the evaporator
  • The two refrigeration lines are already formed vertically to cross the prefabricated ceiling immediately at the exit of the evaporator for a cleaner and sanitary fitting
  • Each unit is checked at the factory, which ensures better quality control

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