Custom Cold Rooms

chambre froide sur mesure custom cold rooms

As the leading cold room manufacturer in the foodservice industry, Norbec builds offers custom cold rooms that are entirely built according to your specifications.

We operate in a variety of industries including foodservice, supermarkets, convenience stores, industrial and laboratories.

We offer a wide variety of panels:

  • interlocking friction cam or continuous panels.
  • Polyisocyanurate panels (polyurethane).
  • Expanded polystyrene panels.
  • Rockwool panels.

Custom cold rooms to meet your needs

Norbec has established a reputation as a creator of made-to-measure solutions for its customers. Our custom cold rooms are manufactured according to your specifications while taking into account dimensions, allowing us to optimize the available space.

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We are equipped with state-of-the-art design and highly flexible manufacturing systems, unique to NORBEC. These systems allow us to offer custom cold rooms in record time.

Turnkey solutions

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* Depends on selected options.

** Available only on demand.

*** Most options are available within 2 weeks. Contact us for details.