ExSpace – Outdoor Cold Rooms


Norbec’s outdoor cold rooms are ideal solutions that maximize interior space and minimize storage costs.

Our outdoor cold rooms are suitable for several applications: refrigerator, freezer, storage.

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The space in restaurants is becoming increasingly limited and renovations or an expansion can be very expensive. Norbec’s outdoor cold rooms are the ideal solution to maximize interior space and minimize storage costs.

An outdoor cold room?

Compared to the price of an indoor cold room including construction, materials, and labor, you can save more than 30% on new construction costs and more than 50% on renovations by choosing an outdoor cold room.

Avoid long delays and complications. Save money and valuable space by managing your cold storage projects with a trusted partner.

Why choose Norbec’s outdoor cold rooms?

  • Maximize space and minimize costs
  • Several applications (including refrigerator, freezer and/or storage space)
  • Sturdy construction to withstand weather conditions
  • Turnkey installation

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  • Polyurethane panels with friction cam.
  • Panels are made of two 22 gauge galvanized steel sheets.
  • 4 ” panels.


  • Half-recessed hinged doors with cold cut and equipped with a 4-sided compressible heating cable.
  • Kason hardware and anti-theft system.


  • 2” shims.
  • 18ga galvanized steel.
  • ½po plywood.

Finish & Colours

Standard colors:

  • Regal White (17-1651)
  • Sandstone (17-1629)
  • Charcoal (17-1625)
  • Dark Brown (QC-28229)

Other colors available in option:

  • Pewter (17-1626)
  • Bright Silver (17-1627)
  • Rigel II Grey (QC-9789)

Standard finish:

  • Smooth

Other options

  • Embossed


  • Max height for load-bearing walls: 10 ft.
  • Max depth for the cold room (limit of the structural roof): 14pi.


D.E.L lights

Windows with integrated heating wire

Protective plates

  • Stainless steel
  • Galvanized steel
  • Aluminium treadplate



Reinforcing the floors

Extended warranty


  • ULC
  • CSA

* Depends on selected options.

** Available only on demand.

*** Most options are available within 2 weeks. Contact us for details.