Support Team

Our commitment goes beyond high-quality manufacturing. Our goal is to ensure your complete satisfaction and help you achieve your project goals.

The Norbec support team maintains close relationships with its customers through turnkey solutions. Above all, Norbec provides exceptional commitment to its customers, from first contact to ongoing after-sales service.

To contact our support teams, make sure you have the right project number. This number is indicated inside the chamber, at the top of the door frame (see figure 1).

1-877-norbec1 (1-877-667-2321)

Cold room warranty calls
450-449-1499 (ou le 1-877-667-2321)
ext 295 ou ext 268

Refrigeration refrigeration warranty calls
450-449-1499 (ou le 1-877-667-2321)
ext 274

Parts order
450-449-1499 (ou le 1-877-667-2321)
ext 232

Figure 1

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