usine factory Norbec

Leading Canadian manufacturer and installer of prefabricated and customized cold rooms.

For over 30 years now, Norbec has experienced steady year-over-year growth and development

Our products:

Norbec offers a wide range of products adapted to your needs and your projects. Our factory builds:

  • Modular insulating panels
  • Ultra-rugged doors
  • High-performance frames and floors
  • Electronically controlled refrigeration systems (Intelliref)
  • Electronic monitoring system

Our markets:

Our markets are mainly supermarkets, convenience stores, food services (hotels, restaurants, institutions), food processing plants, refrigerated warehouses, laboratories and controlled atmosphere rooms.


An over 92,000 sq ft factory located in Boucherville, Quebec, Canada

  • 3 teams
  • Several types of equipment for risk management
  • A dedicated quality improvement team
  • Door production line
  • Steel production line