Norbec strongly believes that its success lies largely in the innovative properties of its products developed to meet the challenges of cold room users.

The Product development team has a clear vision: Become a leader who offers innovative solutions for walk-ins and building envelope.


Norbec case studies: NOVAFLO

NovaFlo is the best solution on the market to avoid risks of condensation that could lead to the formation of mold in the restricted space between the cold room and the building’s drywall. Our product development team worked with certain Norbec customers to develop NovaFlo, a forced ventilation system around the cold room. Before being tested in real […]

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Norbec case studies: L-1650 Frames

The aluminum frame L-1650 is the result of constant collaboration between Norbec and its customers. It’s a versatile excessive-use door frame that meets several needs expressed by users: Resisting violent impacts, limiting condensation problems around the opening, and allowing fast and easy maintenance, installation or replacement.

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